A Seriously Cool Look

For a seriously cool woman.

We are so lucky to have some amazing and talented clients! Thank you to Carlye Samatas for letting us take her picture. You can find her gorgeous jewelry line via facebook.

Hair Color by Sarah Conner, Cut/Style by Alessandra Saman

How this look was achieved: (via Sarah’s Blog)

To achieve Carlye’s look I begin with a base to create depth and hide those sneaky pigment-less hairs.  I then follow with a full head of “controlled chaotic” highlights.  My placement is precise but my pick-up is random… some foils are classically weaved, some are sliced and some are a mix of big and small pieces.  Alessandra completes Carlye’s look with a cut that is so her; precisely scooped and sculpted to my favorite phrase, “perfect imperfection”! 

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