Interview with the stylist: Color Tips

Last week beauty blogger Elizabeth Franz from, sat down to ask our stylist Sarah Conner about some of the regular hair color questions she gets.

Q: I want to change my hair color, but am afraid of doing something that will look weird against my skin tone. What should I consider before deciding on a new look? Any rules of thumb I should keep in mind?

A: Three things to consider:

  1.  Look at your eye color closely. Do you see specks of yellow or gold? If you do, it’s a safe bet that warm-toned hair color will look good on you. If you don’t, opt for cool tones.
  2. Generally speaking, you should be safe if you stay two tones away from your natural color (two shades darker or two shades lighter).
  3. It could be helpful to look at photos of yourself as a child. What did your hair look like when you were between the ages of 8-10? You won’t go wrong if you try to recreate that look!

 Q: I’m really interested in red hair but not sure I can keep up with the commitment. Realistically, how often does a vibrant red, a la Christina Hendricks  or Karen Elson, need to be touched up? And will the red get all over my sheets?

Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

 A: Well, it depends. If your hair has been over processed pre-red, you might fade more quickly. In that case, you can keep the “pop” alive by stopping into the salon every 2 weeks for a refreshing color gloss. Otherwise, your roots should be touched up about every four weeks to maintain the color you want—and a color gloss can keep the ends looking vibrant. Red sheets shouldn’t be anything to worry about, as long as a professional permanent color is used and proper rinsing takes place.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

Thanks to Liz and BeautyFix for this great and informative piece!

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