Reese Witherspoon: Hair Tips by Amanda George

Last week, we had the chance to catch up with Amanda at Neil George to hear about her advice for those looking to go blond like Reese Witherspoon did for Water for Elephants. Here’s what Amanda had to say about Summer Trends, Hair Care, and Reese’s blond:

This spring and summer its been a total blond fest here at Neil George Salon. It started really when Reese came in to Neil George to get her hair bleached out for Water for Elephants, she went from a ballyaige Blonde to a solid bleach and tone blonde, and I have to say that on camera when I went to see the movie I thought she looked fantastic.  Since then coincidentally the whole fashion world went gaga for blonde, solid 50s blonde,it’s on the runways in the magazines and is being rocked out by major stars, so I wanted to give some tips to everyone on how to maintain the hair once the color has been achieved:

  • I have been loving two oils, one is a treatment by Leonor Greyl called Hulie De Palme, you put it on dry and work it throughout the hair ,it makes the hair greasy so make sure you are either tying it back for the day or washing it shortly after, but used regularly it changes the condition.
  • The other is the Neil George Indian Gooseberry Oil which has saved my hair from rack and ruin on many a vacation, this oil does NOT leave the hair greasy but absorbs into the hair leaving it conditioner and smoothly textured, so if it’s drying naturally you get a tousled be beachy look, it can also be used when blowdrying the hair as a styling aide for smoother shinier hair. In general being blonder equals more intense Haircare, so arm yourself with oils, masks, and treatments that way your new blonder hair stays beautiful all summer long.
For more hair care tips, stay tuned! This summer, Neil & Amanda and our stylists will weigh in on the hottest hair care tips and trends. For hair care questions, please leave a comment! We would love to help.

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2 Responses to Reese Witherspoon: Hair Tips by Amanda George

  1. Michele says:

    How do you get Reese’s pale blonde verses a yellow blonde? Do you have to tone her blonde? With her blonde, is their a lot of root touchups?

  2. Hi Michele,
    the color of the blonde is determined by two things. How light you bleach the hair in the first place and what you tone it with, its very important to lighten the hir enough, so that the hair is creamy , no darker than the colour of a bananna.
    The touch ups are frequent, almost every two to three weeks especially for someone on camera.
    I hope that helps!

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