Poolside Hair, Four Different Ways

This summer, do want your hair to look HOT while hanging at the beach or by the pool? Here are a few easy hair styles that Neil George stylist Alissa Tietgen tried on her friends while at the pool that you can try too!

Backcomb (tease) your hair in 2 inch sections starting from the bangs (if you have them) towards the top of your head. Then take a small section from each side of your head near the hairline and pull back to meet each other. Take a large bobby pin (we swear they work so well!) and “marry” the two pieces together and then push the pin upwards towards top of head. So Bridget Bardot!

For this next look, part hair into 3 or more sections, braid them down and secure with a clear mini hairband. Then arrange braids every which way, some upward, and  some wrapped around your head like a headband. Pin them into place with a regular sized bobby pin. A perfect mess!!!

Simply section hair as if you were putting it into pigtails. Braid down to end and secure with a clear mini hairband. Then pull each braid to meet at the top of your head and secure with a few bobby pins. Seriously, so easy, so cute, and will stay put all day long, even while swimming! Genius!

If your hair is short, how about trying a deeply swept part and tossing on a pair of fabulous big earrings?  tres chic!

 *Hint: if you use a pump or two of the Neil George Indian Gooseberry Oil, it will keep your pixie shiny all day!

*Alissa’s inspiration for these looks

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