The Perfect Hold

We believe if you’re going to put product in your hair, it should go beyond just what it is intended for. That’s why we developed a hair product with ingredients that do the following: Indian Gooseberry Oil to add strength and nourishment. UV filters to shield from sun damage. Shikakai Oil to tame frizz and flyaways. Wheat proteins to add shine. Panthenol to protect the hair from over styling and heat. Oh, and it also works as a hairspray. The Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray, a lightweight and lasting spray, was developed to do more than just retain the shape and style of great looking hair. We added ingredients to nourish your hair and protect it, and truly give you the perfect hold.

Neil Weisberg, styling for a fashion show here in Los Angeles

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1 Response to The Perfect Hold

  1. Sharon Davis says:

    We LOVE this hairspray at C.O.Bigelow!! One of our favorites & a true must have!!

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