Pro Tips from Anh Co Tran

Here is a fresh and sexy cut and style by Anh Co Tran. Read below for Anh’s advice on how you can style the same look yourself.

Styled using Leonor Greyl products from Paris at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills.

Anh’s tips on how to get the look:  First and always towel dry the hair really well before using any products because water will dilute them.  This client has fine hair but a lot of it, so I put in Voluforme from Leonor Greyl.  It’s a great product for that type of hair to give bounce and body.   Leonor Greyl is one of my favorite product lines.  It’s lightweight, which is best for layering and has quality ingredients.  After applying a moderate amount into her hair, I then started blow drying right away–beginning with the front hair line and then graduating to the back, and then working my way up to the crown area. Ideally using a brush by Ibiza EX3 is the perfect size for this length of hair.  Start stretching and pulling and twisting each sections to create that beachy waving look.  After the blow dry,  a curling iron by Hot Tools 1 1/4” is used to seal and prolong the style.  Hair that are in front of the ears are to be waved back and anything behind the ears are waved forward and backward.

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