Your Best Blow Dry

Neil George Salon was recently featured as part of Refinery 29’s ‘Best Blow Drys in LA‘, and in light of that mention we thought it would be appropriate to post some tips on how you can get the most out of your blow dry and style at home. There are several Neil George treatments that actually help to condition your hair while reducing the amount of time it takes to blow dry, lessening the chance of drying it out and damaging your hair from heat exposure.

  • Pure Shot: Intense Repair Treatment Spray ($55 for five treatments): A deep conditioning treatment spray designed with technology to repair the hair shaft and ingredients that can reduce your blow dry time by up to 50%. Use a treatment once a week after shampooing (and recommended before you know you will be heat styling your hair) to get silky, smooth locks that last over several shampoos.
  • Intense Repair Mask ($38) : Use in tandem with the Pure Shot Treatment for extra conditioning and in lieu of your regular conditioner once to twice a week. The mask strengthens the hair shaft by improving it’s elasticity but isn’t ‘overbearing’ so it won’t weigh your hair down. Another reason people love our mask? It comes in an easy to use tube instead of a jar.
  • Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil ($42) : If you blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair, consider this product an essential. You can use it on both wet and dry hair, concentrating at the ends, to not only protect your hair from drying out but also to tame frizz. Indian Gooseberry is an antioxidant rich fruit concentrated with Vitamin C, (10x the amount found in an orange), and our oil is formulated to literally get absorbed into the hair shaft so it won’t make your hair feel greasy and lank.
  • Ibiza Medium Round Brush with Cork Handle: We sell and use these at the Neil George Salon and love the fact that they are lightweight, never getting caught in the hair like other brushes. This is the best brush to easily blow dry your hair, round out the ends, and get tons of volume and shine.
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