Do It Yourself: Gorgeous Party Hairstyle

Inspired by Charlize Theron’s hairstyle at this year’s 2012 Golden Globes celebration, Neil George Salon stylist Gareth Bromell shows us how you can do this glamorous, ‘undone’ up-do yourself.

Start with dry hair and part on whichever side you prefer. This is the same side you will have your soft chignon (aka a loose bun at the nape of the neck).

Next, curl entire head of hair with large curling iron. We like using Hot Tools 1 1/2 inch curling iron (pictured). Remember for the hair close to your face to curl the hair away from your head for a more natural look.

After all of your hair is completely curled, spray with Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray and brush through once or twice to ensure there isn’t any separation between curls. Now you’re ready to place your headband. Yes, it would be nice to have the Cartier diamond piece Charlize wore, but we also recommend hair accessories from (pictured), they are unique, quality pieces and the company is Los Angeles based.

Make sure to place the headband leaving some hair in front, as you will pull this back to also cover up part of the band at the side of your head. Lightly pull hair back to the same side where you parted your hair, separate into three sections, and tie two of them in a loose knot, and then secure in a bun with bobby pins.

Wrap the third section of hair around the bun and secure. Finish and secure the look by spraying Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray all over.

What’s great about this style is it has a very natural, casual feel about it but it can really become glamorous with a nice hair accessory.

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