Rich Brunette and Caramel Highlights

Simply gorgeous. Rich, shiny dark brunette with caramel highlights. Color by Kazumi Morton with long layered cut and style by Anh Co Tran.

amazing-caramel-bronde-highlights beachy-california-brunette beautiful-brunette-highlights beautiful-chocolate-and-caramel-highlights blonde-babylights bronde-balayage-highlights brunette-highlights buttery-blonde-highlights fall-blonde-hair-color-idea hair-color-trends-strawberry-blonde-is-the-new-blonde peanut-butter-and-honey-blonde-sounds-as-good-as-it-looks perfect-brunette-fall-hair-color-idea shiny-brunette-highlights stunning-bronde-hair-color sunkissed-brunette-ombre-highlights


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2 Responses to Rich Brunette and Caramel Highlights

  1. Pajama Jeans says:

    The highlights really add a lot of texture making everything less flat. Great post.

  2. Omggg says:

    Thank you i finallyy found what to do to my hair that was getting dull this looks so beautiful!!!

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