Easy Summer Haircare Tips

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching and the official first days of summer not far away, we thought it would be appropriate to share some easy tips on how to properly care for your hair during the summer. It is no secret that the Neil George line takes a treatment oriented approach to hair, with the philosophy that maintaining a healthy cut and color is simple when given the proper tools. Add these items to your haircare routine to ensure healthy, manageable hair:

  • Protect: The sun is the number one culprit to hair damage and color fade. Use a leave in spray with a UV protector to help in prevent this–just spray on damp hair and comb through. Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray $24
  • Manage: Add a lightweight styling product that will protect your hair from humidity, frizz, and increase shine. Apply on damp hair, concentrating on the ends, and style as usual (can be used before or after blowdrying).  Neil George Indian Gooseberry Oil $42
  • Nourish: The sun, the pool, and heat styling can easily dry out the cuticle and leave you with damaged ends and faded color. Use a hair treatment mask one to two times per week in lieu of your regular conditioner to protect the hair follicle and give it additional moisture. Neil George Intense Repair Mask $38
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