Grow Out Your Hair: The Right Way

Although regular scheduled trims seem counter-intuitive for those wanting to grow out their hair, stylist after stylist will tell you that this is the correct method. Expert stylist Allie Paronelli looks at this as the ‘one step back, two steps forward approach’. The ends of your hair are the most susceptible to damage, and if you skip your salon visits because you think it will deter you from achieving a longer length, you could end up having to eventually chop off a lot more than you would if you had just come in for even 1/4 or 1/2 inch scheduled trims. If you keep growing out hair with damaged ends, those splits eventually move up the hair shaft, causing further damage and unhealthy hair. Allie is currently working with one of her clients to achieve a long and healthy length once again, similar to the length before her client donated her hair to locks of love, featured in one of our previous posts seen here. Allie notes that this client’s before picture is a great example of exactly what healthy, long hair is: there are no split ends or straggly pieces, and the client made an effort to ensure that she was only growing out the healthy portion of her hair in the first place. 

AFTER (trim, follow up, and grow healthy hair!)

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