Make Your Hair Color Last

The most certain way to make your professional hair color last as long as possible: never wash, heat style, or expose your hair to the sun. If you can accomplish these three things then your hair color will likely be as close to the vibrant color your stylist gave you when you left the salon months ago, albeit vibrantly greasy. For everyone else who lives in the real world and bathes regularly, here are some helpful tips to get the most mileage out of your professional color:

  • Before coloring: 3 days prior to your appointment deep condition your hair and do not wash hair at least 2 days before getting it colored. The natural oils on your scalp allow the color to attach and permeate strands more easily
  • After coloring: your stylist will have washed your hair during the coloring process, so after your appointment make sure you do not wash your hair for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the hair color to settle in to your strands as much as possible
  • Use a hair mask once a week in lieu of your regular conditioner. Adding moisture to your hair allows color to hold on longer and makes your hair look shinier.
  • ALWAYS rinse your hair out with cold water. Just like we rinse our colored clothing on the cold wash to avoid fading, the same is true for your hair. Treat it like a cashmere sweater 😉
  • Try to shampoo every other day, or longer if you can. To avoid the greasy feeling that builds up at your roots we recommend using the best-of-the-best hairbrushes by Mason Pearson to help distribute your natural hair oils evenly and effectively.
  • Protect hair from the damages of heat styling and the sun. The Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray adds moisture and has an added UV filter for protection. Spray on before blowdrying and after if you’re headed outside. Another product with an added UV protector? The Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray has got you covered.
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